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[x]Name:  maria
[x]Age: 14
[x]Sex: female
[x]Location: cc-tx..the duurty south.. jp
[x]Status: i just got a new bf today :D
[x]Sexual prefrance: i like boys.
[x]Birthday: march 1.
[x]Sign: pieces
[x]How did you find the community, did someone recommend you? If so, who?:  well, i was lookin at other rating communitys, and this one caught my fancy. lol.
[x]Top 10 bands: (not in any order) the killers, jet, dashboard confessionals, snoop, luda, pharrell, modest mouth, fall out boy, blink182
[x]Top 5 movies: (not in any order)  grease, the incredibles,  thirteen, the grudge, finding nemo
[x]My personal style: jeans, and a tight shirt usally.. sometimes skirts, and sum cute shoes. and ribbons. it all depends on what mood im in. right now thats what i have on.
[x]I should be accepted becuase: i am the shyt? lol idk
[x]Do you honestly think you will be accepted?: i honestly dont kno, i dident read the other applicants. so im not sure what yall are into.

no im not neked. my strap of my tank top lk fell over.

wet hair.. like the theme said .. :D

me at my friends. her lil sister dressed me up in a crown and a tutu. lol

i kno its not alot of pics. but im gettin a digital cam for my b-day. march 1. so ill have more pics later. if i get accepted.
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