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[x]Name:Bretyn Burton
[x]Location:Las Vegas
[x]Sexual prefrance:Female
[x]Birthday:June 26th 1990
[x]How did you find the community, did someone recommend you? If so, who?: I found this community while I was searching my intrests.
[x]Top 10 bands:Maroon 5, LP, NewSense(a band at my school), ummm...G-Unit, Rocafella, I listen to all kinds of micis so I really don't have any top 10 bands.
[x]Top 5 movies:Mean Girls,Raising Helen, Like Mike, Grease,Meance To Society,Napolean Dynamite, and Uptown Girls
[x]My personal style:Very Laid Back, Very Vinatge, Love Blazers!!
[x]I should be accepted becuase:I am very energetic, a kewl friend, and fun to be around.
[x]Do you honestly think you will be accepted?: Yes I think that I will because I am very fun , but I really hope I do.
This is a pic of me and my sister at our Girls reverse Decade Dance(im the one thats holding my sister up)
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