Brittany Elizabeth <3 (d0rkkiie) wrote in hawt_shyt,
Brittany Elizabeth <3


I know what it looks like in this picture... kinda looks like I was trying to look seductive, right? Wrong... I wasn't ready for this picture; that's all. :)

The contrast on this picture is horrible... sorry. =o\

Christmas day '03... once again, I was caught off guard.

After a pageant... I wasn't ready for this picture either! haha... but I did get first runner up! =D

After the pageant again... with one of my best friends, Natasha(cherryshot_07). The contrast was bad on this picture, too.

Before I got my hair cut...

Webcam picture of when I got my hair cut off 6 1/2 inches.

Webcam picture again... the quality sucks, I know... but there are a few above these that don't.

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